6 tips for planning your wedding at destination

Finally you are out: a destination wedding is perfect for you. Now you really have to do it, and planning is therefore important. There are so many planning details to think about, that it can become a bit overwhelming. To successfully plan the most important event in your life, we have 6 tips here.

1. The number of guests: even if it is still an estimate, it is wise to have an idea from the moment you start planning, although guests will invite you.

2. Where do the guests come from: the guests must also come to the destination so it is wise to think about booking group air, hotel and ground transport. It not only makes travel easier, but it can also save everyone money and time. Especially the fiancé couple.

3. Children or no children: does your dream day become a family affair with several generations or only with adults? You need to know this in advance to make a good choice when selecting the perfect location.

4. Money, money, money: if your wedding guests have different budgets, keep that in mind. Of course you want your guests to travel in the way they can afford.

5. VIP list: although every guest matters, there are some that you want to pay extra attention to. To surprise these guests you need to arrange upgrades and extra facilities.

6. Planning your honeymoon: once you have said "Yes" and have partied all night, what do you intend to do? If you were to get married at home, you would then go on a honeymoon, but with a wedding at a destination, the question 'What now' could be a little trickier. You might choose to keep the party going for a few days with your neighbors in the neighborhood, or to flee to a different destination for a few days.